SMBN Founder Julie Hawkins

Julie set-up her own award-winning company KIH Products in 2013 after designing the KIH Bed - a Pregnancy Cushion used by Massage Therapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors to enable clients to lay on their bellies at variable stages of pregnancy, in 2011 (when she was heavily pregnant). Julie had also embarked on a Law Degree when she fell pregnant in 2011 and once she graduated in 2016 she published Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit to Amazon to help others help themselves.

Whilst Julie had worked full time age 15-35 her world changed when she became a single mum in 2012. Moving from paid employment and home ownership onto income support and rental property gave her a painful insight into how bad she would be made to feel for claiming those contributions and being a tenant.

Desperate to continue her love of working but also desperate to be a full-time mum started a long and painful journey of fighting for family and financial independence. Whilst she continually attempted to find part-time work that would give her some flexibility to attend assembly, and pay her a decent wage, this proved very difficult. Her journey has taught her more than she ever wanted to know and now she has set up the SMBN to connect and support other hard-working single mums.

During Julie's journey networking was an important part of her personal and professional growth, but as much as she enjoyed the networking she always struggled with the fact that she could not support the other members evening events, due to lack of affordability or childcare, and early morning or evening networking was out of reach. Often embarassed by this Julie slowly withdrew from networking until she was no longer ashamed to disclose her challenges.

Julie has used her business, legal skills, holistic skills and business development skills to enable her to achieve work /life balance and she wants nothing more that to help you do the same.

You are not alone as a single mum in business, you are part of the SMBN.

Julie Hawkins
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